Toronto Brain Health provides psychological and neuropsychological assessment and treatment for concussion, moderate-to-severe brain injury, psychological conditions and personal growth, age-related changes and early dementia.

Individual Therapy - FFEW


We support individuals at risk for or stuck with persistent symptoms following concussion. We identify and treat barriers to recovery.

Individual Therapy - FFEW

Acquired Brain Injury

We offer comprehensive neuropsychological assessment and treatment to individuals with brain injury and support to their caregiving family members.

Individual Therapy - FFEW

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

We provide adult ADHD diagnostic assessments, cognitive behavioral treatment, and psychological therapies for ADHD and related conditions.

Individual Therapy - FFEW

Psychological Health

If you are looking to get unstuck from maladaptive patterns in your life, we are here to empower you with knowledge, support and tools to make lasting changes.

Individual Therapy - FFEW

Healthy Aging and Dementia

We provide neuropsychological and psychological assessment, cognitive remediation, and psychotherapy to adults into the golden years.

Individual Therapy - FFEW

Third Party Services

We provide unbiased psychological and neuropsychological assessments, rehabilitation, psychological therapy and return to work guidance.