Neuropsychologists, as well as physicians, can diagnose concussions. Neuropsychologists can further provide a comprehensive evaluation of psychological and neurocognitive symptoms after injury. Barriers to recovery are identified during initial assessment. These barriers can include low mood, irritability, anxiety, trauma, exacerbation of some or all pre-injury mental health conditions, headaches, other ‘traveling pain’ in the body or head, sleep disruption, overfocusing on symptoms and related difficulties, avoidance (e.g., screens, activities, lights, noise), low stress tolerance and most importantly misinformation about concussion and recovery. As part of treatment, neuropsychologists can determine return to work readiness, create a return-to-work plan together with your input, and provide you with guidance over the course of your return-to-work plan to increase the likelihood of a successful return in the short and longer term.

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